2008. május 9., péntek

Eric Clapton - White Collection [2008]

1- I’m Your Witch Doctor (Ft.John Mayall’s Bluesbrakers)
2- For Your Love (Ft.The Yardbirds)
3- Boom Boom (with The Yardbirds)
4- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (with The Yardbirds)
5- Miles Road (& Jimmy Page)
6- I Ain’t Got You (with The Yardbirds)
7- A Certain Girl (with The Yardbirds)
8- Tribute To Elmore (& Jimmy Page)
9- Train Kept A Rolling (The Yardbirds)
10- Freight Loader
11- Talking About You (Ft.The Yardbirds)
12- Smokestack Lightning (Ft.The Yardbirds)

1- Draggin’ My Tail
2- Big Boss Man (Ft.The Yardbirds)
3- Snake Drive
4- Got To Hurry (with The Yardbirds)
5- West Coast Idea
6- Pounds And Stomps (Ft.The Yardbirds)
7- Choker
8- I Wish You Would (with The Yardbirds)
9- Got Love If You Want It (Ft.The Yardbirds)
10- Take It Easy Baby (Ft.The Yardbirds)
11- Out On The Watercoast (Ft.The Yardbirds)
12- Five Long Years (Ft.The Yardbirds)


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