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Avatar - Soundtrack (2009)(OST)

Mp3, 320kbps:

01-You Don't Dream In Cryo.mp3 (14.1MB)
02-Jake Enters His Avatar World.mp3 (12.3MB)
03-Pure Spirits Of The Forest.mp3 (20.2MB)
04-The Bioluminescence Of The Night.mp3 (8.2MB)
05-Becoming One Of The People-Becoming One With Neytiri.mp3 (17.6MB)
06-Climbing Up Iknimaya - The Path To Heaven.mp3 (7.4MB)
07-Jake's First Flight.mp3 (11.0MB)
08-Scorched Earth.mp3 (8.0MB)
09-Quaritch.mp3 (11.5MB)
10-The Destruction Of Hometree.mp3 (15.4MB)
11-Shutting Down Grace's Lab.mp3 (6.4MB)
12-Gathering All The Na'Vi Clans For Battle.mp3 (11.9MB)
13-War.mp3 (25.9MB)
14-I See You (Theme From Avatar).mp3 (9.8MB)
15-Into The Na'Vi World (Bonus).mp3 (3.7MB)



01 James Horner - ''You don't dream in cryo. ...''.flac (25.6MB)
02 James Horner - Jakes Enters His Avatar World.flac (21.0MB)
03 James Horner - Pure Spirits of the Forest.flac (30.6MB)
04 James Horner - The Bioluminescence of the Night.flac (14.3MB)
05 James Horner - Becoming One of ''The People'' - Becoming One with Neytiri.flac (31.9MB)
06 James Horner - Climbing Up ''Iknimaya - The Path to Heaven''.flac (15.2MB)
07 James Horner - Jake's First Flight.flac (20.1MB)
08 James Horner - Scorched Earth.flac (15.9MB)
09 James Horner - Quaritch.flac (21.8MB)
10 James Horner - The Destruction of Hometree.flac (33.3MB)
11 James Horner - Shutting Down Grace's Lab.flac (10.2MB)
12 James Horner - Gathering All the Na'vi Clans for Battle.flac (22.1MB)
13 James Horner - War.flac (57.4MB)
14 Leona Lewis - I See You (Theme from Avatar).flac (23.4MB)


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